Diversity, Difference and Conflict

Online training from the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Awareness and Skills Building for Enhancing Workplace Effectiveness

FishHow would it be if everyone we worked with was just like us…shared the same values, communicated the same way, and approached tasks just as we do?

Your first thought might be, “Well, that sure would make things easier!” or “Then we wouldn’t have any problems!” Or, you might think, “That would sure be boring!”

Whether we like it or not, we work with and serve people who are different than ourselves in all kinds of ways: race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, etc.

When things are running smoothly, when everyone is getting their needs met, when co-workers feel they are on the same page, this ‘difference’ doesn’t make much of a difference.

But what happens when disagreements or misunderstandings arise? When people feel unheard or mistreated?

To explore these issues, take the time to engage with this online training module. The training was designed to take 20-30 minutes, but offers a lot of food for continuing thought and reflection.

If you prefer to print the training materials and work through them on paper or have difficulty accessing the online version, please download the training packet herePDF.

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